March 24, 2011


It's new territory.

I originally meant the whole electronics thing, but really every sunrise is new territory in MotherLand.

My newborn humanoid once looked at me for every clue of information, food, care, love, shelter.

At age three, the electronic music from the ice cream truck played and she said "is that your phone?" it cracked open the concept that we were in a different era.

We thought it was cute when at four years old, while visiting Grandma's house, Girl said, "I just want an E-dot to lay down with me for a little bit." We figured out she meant A-dult and reveled in how the electronic age is part of their life right from the start.

Today, getting ready for school, Miss 15 asked, "what's the weather supposed to be today...OH never mind... I have an APP for that!"

Motherhood... there's an APP for that. APParently I am not essential personnel anymore!


  1. An APP can't find her new top in the piles of clothes slung around her room, an APP can't run her homework to the school office when she left it on the kitchen APP can't embarrass her in public OMGM even though she secretly thinks you are the best mom EVER!!! YOU will never be replaced...YOU ROCK MOM!!!

  2. Wait till you see next year's Mom Rocks calendar! You have touched on so many of the things in it!! YES WE DO rock! (Sadly they won't know it until they have kids.)

  3. We were pretty impressed - we found the weather app, and the button to update, without asking the sons.